Transform and Inspire

Let’s explore our surfaces together! What's under the cover? i have no doubt the skin could be so tasty and longing to show it's beauty..

He asked: Why would culture force me to cover my skin? Am I depressed because I am forced to do things I didn’t choose myself?
I said: No! We will survive this if we empower each other…
He asked: How?
I said: By lowering the walls of control, we let your inner drive BLOOM&BLOSSOM.

Fashion becomes our second skin, but it isn’t a comfortable layer we put on for protection on daily basis, it is more so who we are and what our identity is.

How can I design and get inspired without starting looking at the surface of a thing, touch it, feel the different textures and DARE to ask to rip it off if simply if don’t like it!
I want thank from the bottom of my heart the following gorgeous people, without you be sure this would have never happened😅 Marie Cürry and her English skills and my sentences corrections
Valentin Bakardjiev and his art master painting experience and teaches me how to do it myself.
Julia and her embroidery corrections.
Ginger and Dhea make up
Alberto and Tania styling the boys and organizing the shows.
Bas, Rienk, Cas, Bas, David, Lucas, Darren, jay and Alberto as Fantastic models.

Cornelis Blokbergen as super talented photographer
Last not least, the great Mia Stik Points made show and the opportunity I got from her to show our pieces which belong to Instagram @storeNotanumber Facebook:Notanumberstore


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