Bearded and Romance

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This collection is about freeing yourself from norms and expectations, from fears or traumas.

It is about floating freely, enjoying love, tenderness, connecting to others and yourself; about finally finding comfort in the discomfort.

We work closely together with the agency Soozhi, which is based in Almere - they are connected with Stanley Stella in Antwerp. Through this collaboration we are provided with 100% organic cotton use.

The t-shirts & textiles are printed&painted by amateurs and professionals in Amsterdam. The finishings are handmade by Om Mustafa, a woman currently staying in an asylum center. This makes every t-shirt unique.

Brand new of love

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With this collection we are celebrating the dogs that make our life rich and filled with love. It was sad to see that in these insecure times people start fearing them as a source of spreading the nee virus covid-19.
WHO has confirmed this is not the case, the virus cannot be spread from your dog to you.

Lets honor our babies and accessorize them beautifully against any odds&cold weather.

City of Yasmine

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Our collection wants to capture significant scents that linger in the domestic areas of Damascus: Jasmine flowers blooming in the backyards.
We are looking to celebrate those memories of our heritage and culture, while exploring war and our feelings of a home destroyed.

We have hope for the future - but we wont forget the past: good and bad...

We want you to remember it, share it, wear it, and educate others.

Smell the Yasmine and let us take you back!

Denim jackets collection

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Illustrating different faces of international androgynous and pop artists who have had immense influence on our new world, we thrived&grew with them.

Get Warmer.

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We have added new handmade artisanal products to our range. Featuring supersoft, high quality materials for luxurious comfort and durability to survive everyday wear. 

Knitted Me

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New Love, (in memorial to My lovely grand Mother who loves flowers).

All garments are handmade. Knitted with love for you.  

Pants Miracles

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Long and short trousers made of different type of high-quality cotton.

- Streetstyle and Bohemian -

Pop Art

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Inspired by some great individuals ...

"Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are!"

- Lady Gaga

Pride & Proud

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This collection on is inspired by our love for animals

We are their spokespeople and need to stand up for them and their rights!
We also want to represent their (and our) playful side

*Each item is unique, printed on organic cotton*

Romantic Beards.

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Due to popular demand, we have extended our Tshirt range to include a Youth Fit. This exclusive range has it's own original designs not available anywhere else to allow you or your teen to support, ally and represent your values. A select number of designs are available in Youth Fit fro all our collections. Get yours now while stocks last.

Featuring our flattering unisex fit and supersoft brushed cotton Tshirt, this new design mixes our playful soul at #notanumber with our commitment to the best quality products. Available in a range of colours, add a little original to your wardrobe.

Safety MASKS

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Unisex. Softer material on your skin, it's made of wool (it feels warmer on your face). You will have enough space to breath, it has a filter too. You may wash&reuse again.
It has an elastic which could be replaced with any ribbon color you choose.
Now it’s more fun&fashionable.


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Handmade Products

Forever invested in our PRIDE COLLECTION, we have added new handmade artisanal products to our range. Featuring supersoft, high quality materials for luxurious comfort and durability to survive everyday wear. Embodying the spirit of Pride, our playful colour a universally flattering unisex fit let you show your colours every day, as well as during Pride Month!