About Us

the (r)evolution of self 


Our mission is to reflect what we stand for - not only by showing our message in the clothes - but also by having those items being produced by the same people we want to empower with our message. Our brand exemplifies different lifestyles - whether through tailoring, designing, illustrating or software skills, and enhances Newcomers' career related choices, so that they can express themselves openly and feel confident.
With this we want to provide a healthy and productive lifestyle to Newcomers (refugees) in the Netherlands by giving them the opportunity to experience a working environment in the creative industry.


Not only do we want to empower Newcomers, but anybody who feels stigmatized by society.

You are not a number or a category; you are a powerful individual and we stand by your side and we create for you.


Newcomers continuously transform: they enter another life in a new environment with different culture while at the same time being challenged with overcoming language barriers, cultural barriers and traumas.

They are confronted with societal borders for their desires and their expression of self in the new society.

We want to change this and celebrate the newly arrived talents. We realize their potential to contribute positively to society and enable them to become more, than just a number in newspapers or policies.